Once I was a unicorn.

Maybe you were too.

Even if you can't remember.

You're here now.

And so am I.

Once Unicorns are easy to spot.

  1. They lose track of time easily.
  2. They can't remember their childhood
  3. Or their childhoods were chock full of magic.
  4. Once Unicorns wonder about the world.
  5. They wonder about their place in it.

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Today I learned some things about the human world.

  1. There are humans who don't believe in magic.
  2. But they do believe in rainbows.
  1. People are sometimes nicer to each other when bad things happen to them.
  2. Windows are not the eyes of buildings.
  3. People pretend other people on the subway don't exist.
  4. The Superbowl is not in a bowl.
  5. Hair keeps growing.
  6. Humans can't see all colors, but the ones they do see are beautiful.
  7. Cats can see unicorns.
  8. Bubbles pop more easily here.
  9. Fingers are good for plucking strings.
  10. I didn't know there were so many flavors.
  11. When you blow your nose, that isn't your brain coming out.
  12. There are parts of the human body that illicit uncontrollable giggles.
  13. Humans get grumpy when they are hungry.
  14. Some humans abhor showers. Some love them.
  15. Some people have two hearts inside of them.
  16. There is such a thing as twins.
  17. When people lie they fix their eyes on you very seriously.
  18. Exaggeration is a form of empathy.
  19. I saw a dog wearing shoes.
  20. Clothes are important.
  21. People think Narwhals are unicorns.
  22. People think horses with horns are unicorns.
  23. People think Pegasuses are unicorns.
  24. People think Rhinoceroses are unicorns.
  25. People think unicorns don't exist.
  26. Some people put paint on their face and call it face-paint, some people call it make-up.
  27. I saw my first elephant. I knew a unicorn who fell in love with an elephant. I can understand why.
  28. People can't seem to decide if they want life to speed up or slow down.
  29. Here, I can only fly in dreams.
  30. Ice cream is hilarious.
  31. Balloons make no sense.

We keep learning new things. This world is so full of things.

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